Potato Planter


The GreenZone potato planting machine is a multifunctional planter. It can ditch and fertilize, finishing the complete process of sowing, ridging forming, planting. Our potato planter can meet the requirements of different ares, the natural environments, geographical features, the climates, soils and agriculture demands.This machine has the features of compact structure, good mobility, strongadaptability, simple maintenance. Potato Planter Advantages 1. Reasonable use of space. All above would make a good base for increasingproduction and growing up. 2. Fexible adjustable for Seed depth, ridge height, spacing and plant spacing 3. Labor-saving 4. High output 5. Easy and comfortable operation.

Technical Specifications:

SR.No Potato Planter
1 3 – Point Linkage CAT 1N (NARROW)
2 Rows 1
3 Tractor Horsepower (HP) 15+
4 Hopper capacity (kg) 50
5 Weight (kg) 96
6 Ground drive yes
7 Length (mm) 915
8 Width (mm) 812
9 Height (mm) 1090
10 Seeding Distance Setting (mm) 254304355406

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Potato Planter