Tractor Cultivator is specialized equipment from Captain Tractors. Our firm with over 28 years manufactures and exports tractor cultivator. This equipment is a replacement for disc plough and used for paddy field cultivating while powered from a part called PTO of tractor. Our manufactured tractor cultivator is of high quality as it is made up of best available material. Users may find many types and sizes of cultivators for field and agricultural purposes in the market. But out of all Captain Tractors is the most reliable and trustworthy source for cultivators. Choose our product for best performance in different types of land and also under different circumstances. Also for any types of crops cultivation you can select our cultivator. The specifications for tractor cultivator are given below and include removable tines also

Technical Specifications:

SR.No Cultivator
1 Length (mm) 1370
2 Width(mm) 520
3 Height(mm) 824
4 Number of tynes 7
5 Cutting width (mm) 1350
6 Cutting depth (mm) 130
7 Power Reruirement (hp) 13 TO 15 HP
8 WEIGHT(kg) 71

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