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After restless efforts, a real innovate product first time in India, the perfect, all season use prime tractor in the segment of "MINI TRACTOR" has been rolled out from the factory. This CAPTAIN Mini Tractor shall be really boon small farmers to achieve fast progress in farming.

Traditional farmer v/s Modern farmer

April 27, 2022

Earlier farmers used to take more time to cultivate. In the present era of this technology, modern tools have come for farming. Farming using modern tools has now become easier.

Captain Tractors 8th Generation Launch @Alila Diwa... (A Hyatt Brand) - Goa

May 13, 2021

Captain Tractor is the pioneer of the Mini Tractor has launched 8th Generation Mini Tractor in India


April 16, 2021

Indian Government are taking necessity steps on the availability of farm mechanization for small and marginal farmers.

Rate of Agriculture Workers of Total Work Force, is Going to Be Decreased

February 24, 2021

World is tired of troubles which are faced during working of Manual Labors. Mostly their irregularities and uncertainty ruin the crop planning and sometimes farmer has to bear a big loss.

Adoption of Farm Mechanization: If not Today, Then Must Be Tomorrow

January 28, 2021

Day by day, we are moving towards new technological world and we have to adopt it. If we avoid it today then tomorrow we will not have any option without following it.

Every Third Tractor of the World is Made in India

December 25, 2020

Indian tractor industries have immerged as the largest in the world and account for highest global tractor production.

Inspiration to Develop First Indigenous Mini Tractor

November 05, 2020

Innovator of First Indigenous Mini Tractor

Work Story is now Success Story

November 04, 2020

Great Saga of Maharashtra’s Farmer Hanuman Bhagat

Development of 1st Indian Mini Tractor

November 01, 2020

The successful innovation of the First Multipurpose machine like a small Tractor of India

Mini Tractor – Best Solution for Affordable Farm Mechanization

October 31, 2020

Mini/Compact/Small Tractors (<30HP) are the best solution of the Farm Mechanization for the all category farmers because of its competitive price, small size, portability and low cost operations.