Human Resource Strategy

CTPL will endeavor to ensure effective staffing, the right person for the right position. We would also attempt to develop and optimize the internal human resources and its potential.

CTPL will recruit based on integrity, competency and the ability to work in a team. We would also endeavor to select individuals with leadership potential, customer orientation and quality focus. Above all, we also take the Value-fit of the individual with the group into consideration.

CTPL believes that it is our responsibility to develop employees to their fullest potential so that future challenges could be met with existing talents.

CTPL identifies its potential employees who can generate operational and cultural excellence in work place. They are called as Change Managers. The selection of change managers is done through

  • ~ Assessments
  • ~ 360 Degree Profiling
    • ~ Behavioral/Leadership Styles
  • Functional Head’s Feedback
  • Identified Areas - Operational / Cultural Excellence

The 3 Cs of Retention of Talent at CTPL.

  • ~ Challenge
  • ~ Compensate
  • ~ Competency

The Performance Management System is based on the Key Result Area.

  • ~ The KRA’s is the culmination of the individual job profile with Business plan and is the complete strategic map which identifies the strategic indicators and thrust areas of the Business. This Key result area’s is the authentic document approved by the CTPL Corporate Board.
  • ~ The monthly plans are then evolved from the above. These plans are reviewed on a monthly basis against the plan.
  • ~ The feedback and the learning from the monthly reviews and course corrections are incorporated.
  • ~ The Performance Management System is on line with Policy Deployment.
  • ~ The objectives and KRA’s are to be clear cut, specific and quantifiable
  • ~ The appraiser and appraisee will jointly discuss and arrive at the best regrouping possible of the objectives.
  • ~ Control charts are maintained at agreed frequency and reviewed.

The Performance Management System is based on the Key Result Area.

  • ~ Evolve Long Term Policy
  • ~ Identify linking long term strategy
  • ~ Define objectives (what)
  • ~ Clarify methods (how)
  • ~ Pick Control Charts (visual charts)
  • ~ Deploy
  • ~ Establish Review Mechanism
  • ~ Corrective Steps

CTPL believes that compensation should be based on the performance of the individual and the individual performance is classified through a quantifiable / objective measure. The performance rating will be:

  • ~ Exceptional Contribution
  • ~ Significant Contribution
  • ~ Good Contribution
  • ~ Not meeting the requirements
  • ~ Not suitable

The incentive, a part of the compensation and linked to PMS helped CTPL, initiate the process of:

  • ~ Rewarding stretch, effort and risk taking
  • ~ Encouraging inter-functional and organizational perspective
  • ~ Providing thrust to sustainable processes
  • ~ Giving impetus to innovation and learning

Incentive is an important and integral part of the compensation package. It would be based only on the Achievement of Company.

CTPL has evolved a rewards and recognition scheme.

Kaizen Suggestion Scheme: The objective of the Kaizen Suggestion scheme is to encourage and recognize employees for their participation & contribution in Work/ Method/Productivity improvement and cost reduction exercises which benefit the organization. This scheme is applicable to Staff up to G-8 including Trainees category of CTPL for their individual contribution.

Areas of suggestion: The suggestion shall be on the following areas :

  • ~ To improve production / productivity
  • ~ New methods / devices improvement for simplification.
  • ~ To improve quality of product / maintenance / service
  • ~ To improve general upkeep & cleanliness
  • ~ To eliminate wasteful practices
  • ~ To eliminate pilferage of material
  • ~ To improve process
  • ~ To reduce cost.