Training and Development

CTPL’s Human Resource Strategy is to develop and sustain critical competencies and to leverage on these, through a facilitating structure and culture.

CTPL underwent a transition in training- From Training to Learning. This was facilitated through

  • ~ Job rotation
  • ~ Team work to resolve issues
  • ~ Sharing breakthroughs and learning
  • ~ Flexibility / Multi skilling
  • ~ Career Planning

This has enabled in creating a team of involved, responsive and innovative people.

The employee learning plans are:

  • ~ Business Driven
  • ~ Personalized
  • ~ On the job / job specific

As per the HR strategy, the input for the training need identification is obtained from:

  • ~ Business Requirements
  • ~ Skill matrix / Competency requirements
  • ~ Performance Appraisal.

The needs identified are consolidated in the form of a training calendar. The program deliverables are met by finding the suitable internal or external faculty.