Human Resource Strategy

CTPL’s business strategy is evolved from Domestic & Global market trends, Economic Growth, Competitor Analysis and Customer Industries’ Growth Plan. HR strategy is linked to business strategy and facilitates the organization to achieve the objective by building people capabilities.

CTPL’s concern for people has been driving force for the growth of the organization over the last 1 decade. The sustained growth over the past several years attributed to the knowledge, skill of the people and technology. HR has always been one of the focus point in the business strategy.

The HR strategy is carefully linked to the Vision, Mission and overall business strategy of the Company.

  • ~ INTEGRITY - The Power of Honesty
  • ~ EXCELLENCE - The Power of Quality
  • ~ TEAMWORK- The Power of Working Together
  • ~ COMMITMENT - The Power of Responsibility


Reflecting back on this arduous but interesting journey throws up several aspects, but it would be appropriate to focus on those that dealt with its human resources. Fundamental to any action is a belief. CTPL’s HR operates on certain cardinal principles in line with the values and beliefs of the Captain Group. These principles are the cornerstones for all actions.


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  • ~ Whether workmen or management staff, employees are employees. They are not different blocs, but two faces of the same coin
  • ~ Harmony and peace cannot be at the cost of dilution of organization ethos. Fairness and Firmness will govern all employee relations
  • ~ Communication and dialogue would be the essence of managing relationships
  • ~ A proactive approach and a state of mental and physical preparedness would help in managing unpleasant surprises


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The formulation of new policies and changes to the existing policies are done in line with the business plan, business model, market trends, best practices of benchmarked companies, suggestions, employee feedback through communication meetings and through Employee Satisfaction Surveys.


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  • ~ Development initiatives like Training & Development Centre, 360 degree appraisal, Policy Deployment.
  • ~ Intense Training and Development initiatives across the organization focusing on business knowledge, functional skills and attitude.
  • ~ Regular feel of the emotional pulse of employees as well as the customers through periodic satisfaction surveys.

To address the dynamic needs of the market, CTPL continuously reinvents the functioning approach to the customer.


  • ~ Organization’s Structural Change
  • ~ Learning new tools and technology
  • ~ Product development and Product application teams.