Finishing Mover


A lawn mower is a machine that uses a revolving blade or blades to cut a lawn at an even length. Our lawn mower can be attached with rear PTO of the tractor and can cut the Grass in the garden.The mower works best on dry grass. Slower cutting speed and occasional cleaning may be required on damp or wet grass.The PTO must run at the full 540 PTO rpm for a good cut. Slowerspeedsor doublecuttingcouldberequiredforveryhighgrass. Use a higher blade setting for rough areas to prevent scalping of the surface.Always cut counter-clockwise so grass clippings are thrown on the grass already cut. This saves power and wear on the blades. Sharpen blades if grass tears instead of cutting cleanly. Slow down when cutting corners. Turning too sharply on corners can leave a small strip of grass uncut.

Technical Specifications:

SR.No Finishing Mover
1 Length (mm) 1310
2 Width (mm) 1620
3 Height (mm) 865
4 Total Weight 154
5 Cutting width(mm) 1225
6 Cutting Blade Diameter( mm) 425
7 No. Of Blades 3
8 Power Required (hp) 15-25
9 3-point hitch Cat.1N

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Finishing Mover