Post Hole Digger


Post Hole Digger is Useful implement for making hole and ditches in soil for tree plantation, telephone, electric & fencing pole erections Operated by P.T.0 and three-point linkage of a tractor Heavy gearbox and mainframe to reduce vibrations and maintenance Facility to make different sizes of holes by changing screw (augur)

Technical Specifications:

SR.No Post Hole Digger
1 Length (mm) 2000
2 Width(mm) 580
3 Height(mm) 1820
4 Max.depth of Hole (mm) 770
5 Drill Diameter 240
6 Weight(kg) 159
7 Application Post Hole Digger is Used To Make pits for Plantaion Of Mango ,Coconut ,Pomegranate etc.

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Post Hole Digger