Fertilizer Broadcaster


Fertilizer Broadcaster is a modern technology implement designed to spread fertilizers with greater ease and efficiency. While the traditional method of spreading fertilizers with hands was more laborious, time consuming and health hazardous, this modern method designed by us is less time consuming and more comfortable and also it does not present any threat to health. It can spread fertilizers in large portions of land in real time. They can spread the fertilizer fall on 12 to 14 meter width in field. Their unique distributing system ensures uniform spreading of fertilizers over greater distances. The gear box absorbs sudden changes in power and keeps the machine safe. The opening system with independent levers allows the operator to choose to spread the fertilizer only where it is required.

Technical Specifications:

SR.No Fertilizer Broadcaster
1 Width(mm) 1180
2 Height(mm) 1130
3 Capacity (kg) 345
4 weight (kg) 63
5 Spreading Width Granular 12000-14000 mm
6 Spreading Width Crystalline 6000 - 7000
7 Absobed Power at 540 RPM 6 hp / 4.5 kw

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Fertilizer Broadcaster