Spring Tyne Cultivator


Our spring loaded cultivators are double-spring cultivators. A double-row roller can be attached to the back of the cultivator to form a cultivator-double row roller. It levels the surface of soil to prepare a perfect seed-bed. Our Double Nakka Spring Type, Denmark Type Pipe Fitted, Agricultural Cultivators, Garden Cultivators, Extra Heavy Duty ITCI Type & Massey Type cultivators ensures that the seeds are buried at the desired depths in the soil.

Technical Specifications:

SR.No Spring Tyne Cultivator
1 Length (mm) 880
2 Width(mm) 2170
3 Height(mm) 890
4 Number of Tyne 5
5 Diameter of wire 10
6 Number of coil in spring 27
7 Number of Spring per Tyne 2

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Spring Tyne Cultivator