Sprayer 8 Nozzle - Vertical


With over 28 years our specialized products are opt by small to big farmers and farm owners. These pumps save lots and lots of time as well as money by making the spraying task very efficient and quick. User can spray water in very large areas with the use of these tractor sprayer pumps and provide water to the seed beds. We are manufacturer, supplier and exporters of tractor sprayer pumps. Tank made up of high quality material is capable to store good amount of water so repetition of water filling does not consume much time and efforts while covers large area in one time filling.Our tractor sprayer pumps provides water consistently, is durable & long lasting, saves time & money and finally helps you to produce best crops. Our prices are very economic.

Technical Specifications:

SR.No Sprayer 8 Nozzle - Vertical
1 Length (mm) 1000
2 Width(mm) 1265
3 Height(mm) 1820
4 Nozzle 8 Nos.(Adjustable)
5 Tank Cap. 200 To 300 Ltr.
6 Weight(kg) 119 / 141

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Sprayer 8 Nozzle - Vertical