Mini Round Baler


Round Baler are used to Crop residues like Paddy/wheat straw, sugarcane trash left in the field after harvesting, have immense commercial value as cattle fodder, biomass power generation, ethanol production, paper production, packaging material, mushroom cultivation, partical board manufacturing, organic manure and many more 1. Small & Compact machine – suitable for small fields 2 .Easy to operate even by unskilled persons 3. Suitable for lower HP tractors 4 .Bales make handling of Hay easy, saves labor cost 5. Wider pickup helps in making bales faster 6. 17 – 22 kg bales makes manual handling possible 7. No need of Bale handlers

Technical Specifications:

SR.No Mini Round Baler
1 Length (mm) 2350
2 Width(mm) 1780
3 Height(mm) 1515
4 Axle Tyre Size 5.2x14
5 Pick Up Tyre size 4x8

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Mini Round Baler

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