Development of 1st Indian Mini Tractor

November 01, 2020

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Mr. G T Patel and Mr. M T Patel had started efforts to make a new innovative mechanical product for small and marginal farmers who were not able to adopt farming machines or any other farming equipments because of its poor financial conditions.

Therefore, they decided to develop a small multipurpose machine like a tractor in 1994, which could be within the affordability of the Small and Medium Farmers. Mr. G T Patel and Mr. M T Patel had focused on Research with minimum finance for this machine. They had done rigorous efforts for 4 years, during these years they had lost our all savings which they had got by work in their life and also lost golden time which should be given to the family. During this period, they failed many times while taking the trials. After fighting hard for four years, in 1998 they could make a successful machine as we had ever desired to make.

This was the successful innovation of the First Multipurpose machine like a small Tractor of India with 9.5 HP Engine developed in 1998 and in next 2 years, they had developed equipment for small tractor. So that they could provide the 360-degree solution of farming operations on single point.

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