Adoption of Farm Mechanization: If not Today, Then Must Be Tomorrow

January 28, 2021

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Day by day, we are moving towards new technological world and we have to adopt it. If we avoid it today then tomorrow we will not have any option without following it.

Because of labor crises, farming becomes the toughest while handling time management challenges and sometimes farmer has to suffer from loss or destruction of crop quality. Agriculture Mechanization can only be the answer for these kind of unbearable challenges. There are also several reasons that undoubtedly proves why farm mechanization is too important: 1) Uplifting Agriculture Productivity, 2) Maximum utilization of technology and available resources, 3) maximization of Food Availability, 4) To make agriculture exports better. These are the strongest reasons to divert the generation towards Farm Mechanization. Farm Mechanization has an ability to increase the productivity up to 30% and it also helps reduce the cost of cultivation up to 20%. Moreover, it also saves valuable time and reduces drudgery of Farmers.

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