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Captain tractors founded in 90s were a strong desire of two brothers to serve needs of small and medium farmers by offering them with best quality of Farm equipment and tractors. Our company is exporters of farm equipments and also exporters of agriculture equipments, both comprising of world class tools. Our advanced machineries, strong technical staff and our dedication towards our work allow us to develop complete range and lead as exporters of farm equipment and as exporters of agriculture equipments in India.

Our maximum exports include African countries along with other parts of world. We provide international standard of farm and agriculture equipment. Being an ISO certified company of India we strongly follow quality controlling and testing standards and thus export best, cutting edge and competitive equipment. Our quality tests are strict and facility has most advanced testing equipment which observes even the minute faults.

With vast experience as exporters of agriculture equipments from more than 28 years now we have developed best range of products.

In our company we understand the farm and agricultural needs and thus we provide best quality, usefulness and features though our cost-competitive range of equipment. We highly focus on how customer is benefited and not just on selling. Quality and competitive prices have enables us to lead the foreign market along with the domestic one.

At times, provided the quantity required is sizeable, the product can be Customized to suit local needs. As a part of constant upgradation, Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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