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Captain Tractors is a reputed company in Rajkot, India manufacturing world class products including M B Plough. This plough is importantly used under circumstances like canal irrigation and heavy rained areas where the land is full of continuously growing weeds. Here the focus remains on inverting the soil completely then the weeds are uprooted, trashed and residues of crop for the last step of burying them. The mould boards of plough should be such it it correctly inverts the correct side fully so that the undesired growth is buried and the result is a subsequent manure after decomposition.

As M. B. Plough manufacturers we understand all these requirements deeply and thus manufacture high quality of suitable and useful mould boards ploughs. More durability will always be accompanied in our manufactured products. All M.B. ploughs are manufactured using best available raw material and use of advanced machineries, correct designs and measurements. Please refer the detailed specification given below.

Our ploughs can be used in lands, orchards, groves, vineyards and in toughest lands too. Some lands have tough soils and here our ploughs are of utmost use.

We are one of the best M. B. Plough manufacturers and provide customers with many benefits and useful features.

  • Heavy Disking
  • Useful In Toughest Soils
  • Durable
  • Cost-Competitive
  • Best Attachment
  • Works With Hydraulics
  • Easy Disking In Small Areas
  • Accurate Maintenance Of Ploughing Depth
  • Adequate Frame And Clearance
  • Raw Material Is Wear Resistant

Our M.B. Plough ensures that customer's needs are satisfied in the best way. Choose our cost-effective ploughs which are best in the market.


M B Plough manufacturers

Application Details

Length : 28.7&
Width : 20"
Height : 21.6" + 15.7" (Hitch Point)
Weight : 61 Kg.
Farrow : Two
Diesel Cons. : 1 to 1.25 Ltr./Hour(Approx)
Depth in the soil : 6" to 8"
Width in the soil : 24"
Area Covered : 0.5 Acre/Hour(Approx)


At times, provided the quantity required is sizeable, the product can be Customized to suit local needs. As a part of constant upgradation, Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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