Innovative HR & Organizational Methodologies

Way to Success (Knowledge sharing program)

CTPL always believes in transparent dialogue with its employees and over a period of time has fine-tuned a formal communication system vertical and horizontal, to support information flow and knowledge management. Sharing of best practices: The best practices and knowledge are shared in various forums across CTPL as shown in table.

  • Monthly Information sharing meeting
  • Annual Group conferences
  • CTPL Group Best Practices

Happy Hours (Personal and Professional counseling to explore potential)

CTPL believes transparency in culture and system is very much needed vertical and horizontal to utilize human capacity in highest level. The objective of the “Happy Hour” concept is to explore potential of individual by personal and professional counseling for issues which can be obstacle for their job satisfaction & Dedication.

Colour Card (Inspire to initiate)

The Objective is to encourage and recognize employees for their participation & contribution in Work/ Culture / System / Team work / and Breakthrough activities which benefit the organization. This is applicable to all Staff of CTPL for their individual contribution.

Friday Fun (Captain Learning Center)

Captain Learning Centre (CLC) The ability to learn purposefully from our past and from our work and to work and to foster the learning of one another has become critical business skills. These skills are shared and developed across all levels of the organization. With this objective Captain Learning Centre was established. This facility is used extensively for team learning activities like seminars and conventions on leadership, Team building, Time Management, 5s, kaizen.

Psychometric Assessment Tests

CTPL has redefined its recruitment policy with the inclusion of the psychometric test for the recruitment of management staff. Once the candidates identified for the position clear the preliminary interview, they need to undergo the psychometric assessment tests which are organized through an external agency. The candidates’ key attributes and his potential strengths and weaknesses help CTPL in making the selection & placement decisions and also the areas for improvement. The psychometric test covers the personality scales and the ability tests and compares the same with the key attributes of the position identified in CTPL.

Flexibility/ Multi Skilling

Earlier the workforce was working on the Single man -Single machine concept. And ‘working to the norms’- culture prevailed in the shop floor. The shift from “working to norms” to “no-norms” was made feasible in the workforce through a continuous amount of training programs, which emphasized the Change Management. This paradigm shift facilitated the Customer Centric Approach. The workforce is now multi-skilled. This was achieved through the skill-matrix based training initiatives.

Job rotation/ enrichment

The business requirements over the past few years had emphasized the concept of Job enrichment. For eg., TQM initiatives, Lean Manufacturing, TPM, Six Sigma, 5s which were brought in as a part of the business requirement not only resulted in enhancement of the knowledge but also on effectively implementing the growing business needs.

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