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Captain Tractors is single reliable source for Horticultural Sprayers India. If you are looking for high quality agriculture equipments and product manufacturers, you are half way done. You don’t have to go any other place for buying Horticultural Sprayers India. Powered by 28+ years of experience, our sprayers are supplied and exported even in overseas market.

Horticultural Sprayers India is suitable for consistent and smooth water flow to the croplands. With proper water and nutrients, crops will grow quickly and you would be able to earn good amount of profits right away.

Horticultural Sprayers India solves the issue and spreads water in best possible manner and you would be able to large land area in no time. The process not only saves your time but your efforts and resources also. We are equipped with all latest tools and machineries for manufacturing world class Horticultural Sprayers India for our offshore clients.

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horticultural sprayers India

Application Details

30 to 40 Feet Height Covered with H. T. P. Pumps Enables Spray for Apple, Mango & Chiku etc.
Diesel Cons. : 0.75 Ltr./Hour(Approx)
Capacity : 2 Gun will be used at a time
Tank : 200 Ltr.


At times, provided the quantity required is sizeable, the product can be Customized to suit local needs. As a part of constant upgradation, Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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