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Captain Tractors is a reputed name for different agricultural and farming equipment along with its tractor. Furrow attachment is used in various agricultural chores by farmers for creating small furrows. They are either attached to tiller or tractor. We provide you with high quality of furrow attachment that includes successful and proven parts made up of best raw material.

Various beds that are made to grow certain plants needs irrigation furrows. Our furrow attachment works wonder here and can be mounted successfully. Users get maximum productivity with our product ranges. Our products are meant to give you great yields, plants and crops of good quantity and quality. Choose our furrow attachment that is offered at cost-effective prices.

Detailed specifications of our furrow attachment:


furrow attachment

Application Details

Length : 21.4"
Width : 15.5"
Height : 19.2" + 15.7" (Hitch Point)
Weight : 39 Kg.
Application : To Make Water Flow Small Channels in the Field.


At times, provided the quantity required is sizeable, the product can be Customized to suit local needs. As a part of constant upgradation, Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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