Mini Tractor – Best Solution for Affordable Farm Mechanization

October 31, 2020

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Agriculture is the major element contributing the highest in the Indian Economy. Farmers are divided into three categories according to the land they own, i.e., Small, Marginal and Big. Most of the farmers of India are small and marginal farmers. Small and marginal farmers with less than two hectares of land account for 86.2% of all farmers in India, but own just 47.3% of the crop area, according to released provisional numbers from the 10th agriculture census 2015-16 (Source:

Recently govt. of India has launched subsidy schemes by keeping Agriculture Mechanization in the Centre. This initiative of Farm Mechanization (One of the major Part of Agriculture Mechanization) will help farmers increase their productivity, work efficiency, prosperity and also will help reduce work efforts and overall time required for farming operations. Mini/Compact/Small Tractors (<30HP) are the best solution of the Farm Mechanization for the all category farmers because of its competitive price, small size, portability and low cost operations.

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